We seek to build a concentrated portfolio primarily comprising North American small capitalization equities. Using a disciplined set of investment criteria, we aim to identify and invest in companies during dynamic periods of their lifecycles. The investment team constructs a focused portfolio consisting of its best ideas, typically companies with the potential to experience acceleration in revenue, returns, and cash flow generation. We believe that the combination of fundamental dynamism and multi-year duration has the potential to lead to attractive investment outcomes in an actively managed portfolio over market cycles.

Strategic Value Proposition

With over 25 years of institutional equity investment experience, PM Brad McGill uses a disciplined, bottom-up approach in seeking to identify attractively valued, well positioned companies we believe are entering multi-year periods of significant fundamental acceleration that meet our four core investment criteria: Transformational Change, Defensible Business Attributes, Thematic Tailwinds, and Attractive Valuation. The careful alignment of criteria, process, portfolio concentration, and investment duration empower the team to focus analytical bandwidth on our best ideas.


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