We believe we can identify highly convex liquid credit investment opportunities with lower market correlations that offer the potential to generate excess returns during periods of increased price volatility.

We identify long and short positions that we believe enable us to perform in credit markets whilst seeking to protect capital during periods of market volatility. We believe this approach can act as a risk-return enhancer and a complement to diversified portfolios.

Strategic Value Proposition

We believe our strategy is constructed to allow the portfolio to be repositioned for any market conditions. The goal is to enable the portfolio to generate returns with low correlation to the overall broader markets. Only investment ideas we consider to be “top decile” opportunities are implemented to reduce our potential “crowding” risk factor.

It is an absolute return strategy, agnostic to long or short credit positioning (on a net basis). We continuously monitor the market’s macro and technical environments for signals that may affect pricing on credit instruments.

We believe that the team’s extensive investing experience through multiple market cycles, combined with our quantitative techniques employed, enables us to successfully make investments across varying size, complexity, and capital structures.


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