Allow me to introduce myself - my name is Peter Kraus, and I am the founder and CEO of Aperture Investors. I wanted to personally thank you for signing up and joining the Aperture family. We're happy to have you and hope that we'll be communicating with you soon. In the meantime, follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook

At Aperture, we believe the future of investing is a world in which investors only pay more than they would for passive market exposure when they actually get more. It’s a simple idea. We accomplish this by turning the incentives of the industry’s traditional business model on its head.

Aperture charges minimum fees equivalent to those of typical passive ETFs in the same categories. This basically covers our base salaries and non-compensation expenses. When we exceed our benchmarks – and only when we exceed our benchmarks – we charge an additional performance-linked fee. This ensures that we only make money when we do what we are supposed to do for our clients – generate outperformance.