Kat Olin


Kat Olin is the General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer at Aperture. She has 20+ years of experience involving a broad spectrum of legal and compliance issues facing the investment management and securities industries from both a U.S. and global perspective. Prior to joining Aperture, Kat was Deputy General Counsel and CCO at Indus Capital Partners, LLC, a global investment management firm focused on Asia and Emerging Markets. Prior to Indus, she was the sole legal and compliance counsel at Zimmer Lucas Partners, LLC, a U.S. energy focused investment management firm. Before Zimmer, Kat spent over a decade at law firms in New York and Chicago.

Kat believes her lifelong love of sports-as a player and spectator-honed her commitment to teamwork, leadership and always challenging herself to perform better. Seeing these values reflected in Aperture’s culture drew her to the firm and the energizing change that is at the core of Aperture. Kat graduated with an AB in English and Political Science from Duke University and a JD from The University of Michigan Law School. In addition to sports, she loves family time, travel, The Week magazine and spending as much time as she can in Central Park with her dog and offering unsuspecting tourists unsolicited directions.