Aperture’s mission is to align client and asset manager interests. It is for that reason that environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) considerations are an important aspect of our firm’s culture.

We believe that consideration of ESG factors is a crucial driver of growth and long-term investment returns and is reflected in our deep-rooted philosophy of transparency and accountability for our clients. We understand that it is our responsibility to take an active approach in adopting ESG policies and practices – by our investment and non-investment teams – contributing to a fairer and more sustainable world. To that end, we are excited about our collaboration with PRI the UN Global Compact, and the Investor Stewardship Group.

Active Ownership and Proxy Voting

At Aperture, we believe that active ownership is not only an important tool for corporate governance and accountability, but also a valuable contributor to transition toward a more sustainable future. It is for that reason that we decided in 2020 to switch from the traditional ISS Proxy Voting Benchmark Policy to the ISS Sustainability Proxy Voting Policy. The sustainable policy is designed to ensure that voting is consistent with our ongoing engagement activities and ESG objectives.

Aperture ESG Video Series

1. Why ESG is important from an investment perspective

As part of Aperture's ESG efforts we continuously evaluate our decisions and their impact on the world around us. In this episode, we ask why ESG is so critical to the investment process.

2. What does it mean to look at a company from an ESG point of view?

What does it mean to look at a company from an ESG point of view? And what kind of behavior do investors want companies to exhibit? The Aperture investment teams and CEO Peter Kraus share their thoughts...

ESG at Aperture

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