Aperture believes that active management based on primary fundamental research can produce reliable outperformance over an investment cycle. Our mission, the production of outperformance by aligning our interests with those of our clients, drives everything that we do.

We don’t have illusions about this being a quick process. In fact, we think it will take many years for us to prove our model and change the industry. We are in it for the long haul. The success of our firm will be measured in 5-10 year increments, not in monthly or quarterly performance. The culture of our firm and the people we hire reflect the environment and the qualities that we believe are essential to fulfilling our mission.

We believe that four specific personality traits help us act in the best interests of our clients. These are not static variables. To different degrees, human beings self-regulate along these dimensions in different situations.

These qualities are important in every member of our team – not just our investment professionals.

Patience with Decisiveness
The ability to follow a thoughtful and rational process while also efficiently making decisions.

Clarity with Humility
The ability to form strong perspectives while also questioning assumptions, even in the face of success.

Focus with Flexibility
The ability to remain keenly aware of one’s thesis and to make changes when the facts change.

The ability to recognize behavioral biases while also defeating them when necessary.

We do not look for homogeneity in the approach to research, and we do not have a common platform. Aperture managers are encouraged to reside where they are most comfortable. Co-locating (or not) is their decision. Collaboration at the research level is encouraged. Research analysts are encouraged to challenge each other; constructive controversy is welcomed.

Management is strictly committed to producing an investment environment that allows teams to focus exclusively on their investment processes and research controversies. Business activities including legal, operations, data availability, accounting, fund structure, access to external research, marketing, client engagement and fundraising are the responsibility of the firm’s non-investment teams. Investment teams are given as much time as possible to focus on performance.

General Submission

If you are interested in job opportunities at Aperture but can’t find a role that fits you in our job opening, please send a cv in PDF or word format to [email protected] along with a letter of interest. If it seems like there might be a fit we will be in touch. Due to the volume of interest we unfortunately cannot respond to every inquiry; we apologize in advance and are grateful for your outreach.


If you are a student and are interested in our internship program, please send a cv in PDF or word format to [email protected] along with a letter of interest including “Internship” in the subject line. Please also state your available time in the email. We will be in touch as soon as possible and will arrange an appointment to meet should your qualifications meet our current needs.